Fresh Meat

Done in Blender 2.75a. Posting in wip because I always seem to find ways to change the work. This was done somewhat in the style of Reynante Martinez, film grain, close up and lots of texture. Not sure I have enough SSS for the meat and the bump on the hooks may be over done. Comments welcome.

Nice render! The atmosphere and grain are awesome! The blood adds a very nice touch of realism too.

I do think the meat needs way more SSS though, and maybe even a bit of ray-length controlled translucency. It also wouldn’t hurt to dial back the bump mapping on the hook a fair amount too. And maybe a little less rusty-looking too, I wouldn’t wan’t anything that rusty touching my meat!

Other than that I really can’t find anything else to improve, great work!

Cool! very realistic, Congrats! Maybe the hooks texture is too strong, but great job!

was it done with UV image ?

nice looking

happy cl

Thanks for the comments. The hooks as well as the meat were unwrapped and a couple of images used on both objects. This was run at 1500 samples and took about 4 1/2 hours. Yeah, I’ll play with ray length and see what happens. I did use translucency but the only control was a mixed shader.

Nice! The meat does not quite look like meat but i cant put my finger it as to why. But its almost there. The hooks look like wood rather than metal.


Hard scene you’ve taken on. Beef i assume. Doesn’t work :no:, yet :eyebrowlift2:.
As it is WIP… otherwise just dis it.

  • Scale & proportions: nothing in the scene that would really define it; if comparing to planks this steaks are huge & heavy, also size & bending of hooks, holes on meat should be as if punctured with a sharp object-hook

  • Materials: too much rust, bump on hooks, need to be sharper & if metal is used then it’s not so rusty, some blood should run gather on lower side of meat, dripping into crevasses, meat needs more gloss (watery) & fat less glossy (is it tallow? use different IOR), repeating textures… if somebody put it there, that would leave some traces

  • Form of meat looks to stiff & dry… maybe could deform it as a cloth (skin & meat usually behaves as such, unless absolutely dry)

Are you going for photo-real or fantasy-thrill-horror?

Know much of it because we have a yearly tradition to breed our own & pay our respect to the life sacrificed. So have made a similar concept to show how ruthless are man getting drunk & taking pure joy in action (as usually happens). It’s great, hard practice, much rewarding.

Excellent burnin, you mentioned all the concerns I had. Yeah, photo realism, but also sacrifice as there is a long tradition of such work in fine art painting, a reminder that we live by death. So, I took liberties with the scaling and over emphasized the hooks and rust for drama. As for the stiffness I played with proportional edit to give it a more natural form, only partially successful, including pulling back verts where the hooks go through the meat. Agree with the gloss on the meat and need different textures of fat (translucent) and meat. Good crit, thanks.

Following burnin’s and others suggestions this is the result. There was a trade off with gloss and color, the more gloss the less color. The biggest difference was adding volume scatter and a displace mod (low strength) to the meat. Although not as dramatic, think it looks more realistic.

There’s something off with the scale of the scene. These are individual pieces of steak right? So relatively small ~15cm. The wooden boards look like floorboards so they then appear massive. Some way to give reference to scale would be beneficial. Unwrapping the edges of the meat & doing these well would be good, you can see on the middle piece that this has been ignored. Really cool work overall though, wish I could get a look as realistic for the meat surface

Understand arumiat, the scale thing. I considered putting in a butcher’s knife as a scale reference, but rejected the idea for compositional reasons. Still haven’t figured out a solution. Unwrapping the sides and adding a separate material would be the right way to do it. Thanks.