Fresh OS (W7 64bit) and Blender...

Hi all…

Just wondering how doing a fresh OS, (W7) will affect Blender…

Will I have to re-install Blender after doing a fresh OS? Is there any way to keep all my settings etc?

I have Blender installed on E: (for installed software) and not on my C:

(I ask as I have other software, PS for eg, installed on my E: and I still have to re-install it after a fresh OS)


The answer, if I’m not mistaken, may depend on whether or not you installed Blender from the installer or just unzipped Blender onto your E: drive.

I’ve never tried simply creating a new desktop (or taskbar) icon in your circumstances, but it’s worth a try. I’d be curious to know if it works.

If it doesn’t, you can just download the zipped version instead of the installer, unzip it over what you already have and carry on.

Keep in mind, though, that because you’re reinstalling Windows from scratch, you’ll lose any preferences and startup files you may have created.