Fresnel effect tutorials + render + .blend file

Hey everyone,

I was asking myself how get a nice fresnel effect, I was looking around here and found nothing. Our dear friend, the user macalister, showed me this tutorial:

I was trying to enable it at the BGE though. It’s quite simple, some may think that this is an idiot tut, but anyway, for noobs at BGE like me it may be great.

Here’s a screen shot of the BGE running:


It’s easy to enable this in BGE,

  1. first of all, switch to game mode in the top toolbar.

  2. Now, in the property buttons select the Scene panels/Shading/click on GLSL. By doing this you enabled the use of lights, shadres, shadows, ramps, nodes and extra textures (normal and specular maps)

  3. Add a hemi lamp.

  4. Add a material to your mesh or to the default cube, in the difuse options check “ramps”. Change the input to “normal”. Play around with the ramp colorband, flip it if you wish, add new stops to the colorband. That’s it! This can be used in rendering too, but to get exactly the same effect, you’ll have to change the lights intensity.


  1. For more control, you can use nodes as well, just like shown in the venomgfx tutorial. I’m attaching a blend file so you can see what I did with the difuse ramps and nodes.


Thanks guys! Hope you find this usefull.

Cheers! Didn’t know that ramps were usable in the BGE.:smiley:

Thanks for figuring this out!