Fresnel Workshop

Hi everybody,

A little experiment I want to share to comunity if someone is interested by fresnel shader in blender internal renderer

Poor susane :eek: :cool: :RocknRoll: :ba:

And the .blend file
(See “Yellow” texture set up)


NB : I try to use fresnel because in future work I want to add sub dermal veins effect to blender sss, with node editor.
I’m happy to find how to create fresnell

Wow, awesome fire shader! Although maybe this should be in Blender tests rather than a support forum…

Again, freakin’ awesome fire material, all it needs is an animated mesh.

I think gost like in the film : final fantasy
So it’s I tried to do… lol

Why do you say “sorry Susanne”???

I don’t think Suzanne minds at all being part of such a beautifull render!!
One word: Mindblowing!!!

Wish I will come up with something like this someday…!!!
Well, until then, i’ll just work my way through a dozen or more tutorials…!



I say sorry susanne, because she be used for a lot of experience (fur, dust, a lots of materials experiments etc… etc…)… lol.

You can see the next step of my fresnel tests in the organic shader workshop with brain material.