Friday the 13th version

(KesseL) #1

As I started up my Blender v214 today, I was greeted with a special Friday the 13th startup banner. Cool black cat! I guess I’ve never operated Blender on a Friday the 13th before. I also noticed that in the upper-right, it shows that I’m running version 2.13…Hmm, it didn’t wipe out my default settings or anything, but I hope tomorrow it’ll show version 2.14 up there!

This reminds me of when I played that 3D realms game R.O.T.T. on various holidays and how the intro(?) screen characters would have Santa hats on for Dec. 25th.

I’ve not had much time for Blender, but have been following the latest news on the open-sourcing. :smiley: I’m busy now helping to keep our company TransPerformance going by installing self-tuning systems in guitars, but will eventually be back posting and answering questions for newbies.

Carl Kessel …some old Blender animations here (DivX). Not updated for a year or so, don’t expect much.

(IngieBee) #2

Cool, I didn’t know that, LOL. I’m gonna start mine up when I get home, LOL. You know they skipped v.13, so really, v.14 was v.13. I guess that’s why they put in the funny.

LOL I can’t wait to see it!!! hee hee hee

(Friday13) #3

Friday the 13th…what a nice day :smiley: :smiley:

(sten) #4


I couldn’t resist to try this out…so I downloaded version 2.14 of Blender
for me to see it myself ;), check this :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dittohead) #5

lol :smiley: :smiley:

thats funny!!!

(Jamesk) #6

Heh heh… I remember that one. As I recall they skipped 2.13 because of the obvious risk of bad luck (didn’t really help tho) and went right on to 2.14, but some of them just couldn’t let such an opportunity go right by them without doing something about it…

(hannibar) #7

Yeah, I remember that from last year. Very funny.

(blengine) #8

that is one awesome startup picture! ive always loved it =D

(Timonides) #9

LOL He, he, he…

That was good!!! So far we have Suzanne, Friday 13th, I wonder are there any other surprises???


(Riskbreaker) #10

Suzanne!? Friday 13th!? What the hell!?!?!?

(CubeFan973) #11

I hope you’re not thinking, “What are they?” Just in case someone reads this without a clue of what these things are:

Suzanne is the Blender Publisher monkey! Pretty dumb, even as a goodbye-gift from NaN. I don’t care how good it looks with SubSurfs, it’s DUMB! Still, since it seems to be the last thing NaN ever created as NaN Technologies, you can’t say it sucks totally, but come on–who needs a monkey mesh? No one? Figures.

Friday the 13th… did you just skip the rest of these replies? :smiley:

As for this What the hell, I have no idea. Is there some kind of mesh of NaN’s visions of hell? (AKA The interface of any other 3D suite! :smiley: )

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: :-? 8)

(Riskbreaker) #12

I had no idea.
How the hell did I miss these things!?

I didnt know about the monkey thing, and the start up screen.

As for this What the hell, I have no idea. Is there some kind of mesh of NaN’s visions of hell? (AKA The interface of any other 3D suite! )

No, I was just saying “what the hells goin on here”. Typically me, I pride myself on noticing details yet somehow neglect to notice other details, confusing? hell yeah…