Friday the 13th (wip)

When I awoke this past Friday,I fired up blender and made a cup of coffee.Wanting to model something I decided to make a head,half way through I noticed the date,so I model the mask.
This personal project is very much a work in progress.
I will like to know what you guys think!

C&C are welcome and encourage!


p.s. Happy belated birthday Jason Voorhees!

Whoa! It seems “Jason” is staring directly at my soul. Look forward to further updates, and the cliche blood smears on the mask . . . unless . . . .

Thanks for the comment,kbot!

Yes! Blood on the mask,I will be updating him.

Working on modeling the mask straps then I’ll sculpt some scratches and imperfections to the mask and maybe a crack on the mask,then on to texturing and then compositing,etc.


p.s.“shshshsh hahahah”

updated the original pic:

update:the man behind the mask!

Playing around with making a banner for my blog:
Let me know what you guys think!
I used the jason model for this render.


Here I’m testing some skin shader (3 layer_sss),also I was playing around with the eyes a bit trying to get a realistic look.I like the fuzzy peach effect(using minnaert as the diffuse shader)on the skin.

Hey guys I’m still new to this,so please any C&C would be appreciated!


p.s. click thumbnail for a better zoom view of the skin and eyes…