Friday's game

This fall I saw a grasshopper catching the last feeble sun rays with its front legs as if holding a book or something. I imagined him playing cards, and this was the inspiration for this image.
I made it with Blender 2.40 alpha2.
You cand find a hi-res version in my web:

That’s really cool! A good mood captured, plus a very original theme!

I noticed the hopper on the right has a slight hairy texture (am I right?) - I was wondering how you obtained this. Did you bother with particles?

What seems like hair is really some specularity of the texture in the head. Maybe you can see it better in this detail with very increased brightness.

i love it, an excellent job on the textures, aswell as the modelling. As xarton said, good job with the smokey back room atmoshphere. the only crits I have are to do with errors in logic, they each only have four cards instead of five, there are no chips in the pot, and the main grass hopper doesn’t have anyinfront of him, i can’t see the deck of cards anywhere.if these are just things you over looked some cduplicating of cards and chips should fix it, or maybe I’m just misunderstanding things and theres a simple explination, either way an absolutely amazing piece of work from an artistic point of view

I don’t like the modelling. It looks too plastic, but you don’t need to bother. The reason is that I love the pic. I don’t know how you did it, but I realy think it’s a great picture and It’s a realy fun Idea!

Keep it up :smiley:

About the errors in logic: you are right. The only thing I know about playing cards is what I see in the films. I didn’t do my homework in this matter. Anyway, I’m going to leave it as it is.
Thanks to everybody for your comments. I’m just learning Blender (since this summer). It’s just my second image.
Now I’d like to try some animation.

Reminds me of the painting (rather well know) of dogs playing cards paintings

As said before its a bit too plastic but its an excellent concept :smiley:
Great work