friedbrain's Sketch-Thing-a-ma-gic-Of 2D StUFF :]

Go to the last page of the Thread, some of the stuff in the earlly pages is so ancient you might have a heart attack looking at the crapyness lmao…[ATTACH=CONFIG]286309[/ATTACH]


This one has a bit of nudity so you’re warned…(hey is the only way to practice drawing female anatomy ) :wink:


Good work fried, my favorite scetcher!

^ what marsan said ^

nice fried

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Thanks Marsan, Jeepster, and 57r1k3r :]

here’s some concept art i did like a week ago, am currently doing this in 3d and a sketch of The Hulk i recently did for a speed drawing challenge.


just made this thug like 5 mintues ago … (click image to enlarge and see details)


pretty cool sketches fried!

I really like the thug, definately shows your character concepting skills.

As far as crits go…I think your shading could use a bit more depth, and some aspects of a couple of the drawings seem rushed(ie, batman’s cape, the ground hulk is fighting). Though I guess these crits really apply more-so to full-blown drawings as opposed to just sketches…

Anyways, looking cool!

Thanks Tomorrowman, you are right about my shading it needs lots of work, ont the batman drawing it was made with a pen ink so i couldnt really fix the cape , the hulk was a speed drawing challenge so the time was limited, but you’re right about all points , thanks for commenting :]

another sketch this one i kind of messed up and couldn’t go back to fix it , i applied some stupid filter and didnt have enuff history undo thingies, but i still liked the sketch so here it is …


oooh,ur good with symmetry

fried, have you ever considered drawing people WITH shirts? just wondering…

Thanks Jeepster :] !
ehmm yes i’ve considered drawing pp with shirts …

heres a Girl with a big Gun sketch shes fully clothed btw …


i like icecream

Hahaha kramer3d you Silly @#!$%!!

i started messing around with my last sketch , and sketched this Girl holding some ice cream :yes:


damn…you know how to sketch girls good…

Thanks trak wrecka, girls are on the top of my list of favorite things to draw :]

Here’s some kind of law enforcement character , practicing my coloring. . .


very nice, but I get the impression that his left arm has more muscles than his right.
Could this be from his daily hobby? :wink:

ps. i mean VERY nice :slight_smile:

Bahahaha!! 57r1k3r thats very possible ;), actually my anatomy skills need lots of work,
not to mention my foreshortening… but thats a good excuse heheh…

a digital sketch this time a soldier…


a werewolf head


nice warewolf thingy
did you use crayola crayons for the colors???