friedbrain's Sketch-Thing-a-ma-gic-Of 2D StUFF :]

looks like artrage.

i like the shading of the soldier - did u make a layer of those slanted lines and just painted them to show through? well if not that’s a good idea so thnx…

nice musculature…

Thanks Jeepster, wolfy is pure digital done in Painter, haven’t touched crayolas since grade school, i should get some those were fun :smiley:

Glad you like the soldier jason , I used a combination of a screen tone with a separate layer for the shading using the pattern tool ,gimp and photoshop have this tool, just discovered it last week so i’ve been messing with it , i was trying to emulate some of those comic book style textures.

and here’s another sketch…


yay fried your art is awesome . i like that weird creature thing too its hilarious :smiley:

the detail on that farting bee is amazing!!!:eek:

thanks kramer3d and Jeepster :]

More colored stuff…


looks good :slight_smile:
is that the farting bee in the green dude’s hand?

yea im not so sure about that green stuff…

and u should put some highlights on the clear part of the visor thingy, i couldn’t tell that it was clear at first.

Lol thx Jeepster, yes the gaseous bee is everywhere! :eek:

jason the green gas was part of a challenge so i had to put it in there, you’re right i should 've put more highlights on the helmet’s glass, thanks for the tip :]

more crazy stuff…


Fried!!! (guess who i am on #sdc :D)

-nice sketches, I haven’t seen most of them btw… -we should do an sdc sometime.
I’ll frequent this thread often btw… lol

D_structorr Fried!!! (guess who i am on #sdc :D)

The gaseous bee??? :eek: :wink:
thanks, sure we can sdc, drop by whenever :]

Some character pen sketches…


Hey NICE… I love the cartoons!

Thanks Calvin ! :smiley:

A few more colored sketches…


sci-fi stuff…


oh cool fried!
it looks like a … it’s a…uh…
i think it’s one of those…what-cha-ma-call-it’s…umm.

Jeepster It’s a portal gate scanner! but i think i know what you were thinking, bad bad Jeepster :wink:

another sketch some Brute…


lol fried - i wasn’t thinking it was anything until you said that :stuck_out_tongue:
(Jeepster pukes)
silly looking brute, are they your own character designs?

whoa, love your coloured sketches, esp the smoking lady x)

Thanks Jeepster yes they’re all my own character designs, except for the hulk and batman but you knew that (i hope).

Thanks Chibi Mero :]

A sketch am working on…


ok i painted the sketch above but didn’t quiet like the outcome so bleh with it.
In the other and i spent a little more time on this one…
a girl guitar shredder…


your painting skillz0rz is getting better but you need to work on female faces