Friend Having Trouble With Blender Crashing

Hey everyone,
Awhile back I got a friend of mine to download Blender, but whenever he is using it, after about 10 to 20 minutes blender will just crash for no reason. He say’s that it tells him that a graphics driver failed and was recovered.
His Graphics Card is an ATI Radeon 5770, and he’s running Windows Vista. Now he lives in a different state from me, so I am unable to view this problem myself.
He say’s it will do this even if he leaves it at the basic screen without doing anything.
His graphics card is capable of running games like Skyrim and such.

Without being able to view it, I can’t figure out a solution. SO I thought I would ask you guys about it. He has Blender 2.63 on his desktop.

If you guys need more info I’ll try and get some more stuff from him. Thanks for the help.

Did he get the latest stable version or one of the test builds? If he used the installer, uninstall it and download the zip instead - unzip and drop in a directory

Vista - don’t know if it could be the issue but in the past Vista did have a hard time with many a program. Might try running it under a compatibility version of xp.

Is he trying to turn Cycles on? I had an HD 5770 and it doesn’t support Cycles… often resulting in crashes.

I had that problem too with my Nvidia GTX 560Ti, updating my drivers helped me get rid of it.

Ask your friend to try and do nothing but Orbit an object for 1-2 minutes and see if it crashes. If it does, then your friend has the same problem as me.