Friendly Alien Character

This is my “transition” project - the first one I’ll entirely do with 2.5.

It’s a friendly alien guy, who hopefully looks really mean :ba:

I never sculpted a character before, so I followed cganim8or’s retopo tutorial. Which really is a way to do it, for me - but (as he does in the tutorial) I went into too much detail with the first sculpt, which is all lost when retopologizing.
And it’s just not that much fun, the second time :frowning:

So here’s the picture story so far:

First pic is the first sculpt (straight from the cube)

Second is a late state of the (far too detailed) retopologizing.

Third pic is what he looks like right now. I think the skin looks quite ok. Most of his body will be covered in fur later.


looks superfriendly, i want to kiss him.
this is a super good first sculpt.

Alien or demon? :wink: Either way it’s looking really nice, keep posting updates!

Thank you - I will :yes:

Haha scary friendy devil/demon. Hmm the horns remind me on hellboy

More than half a year gone,… nothing new done.
Tested around with some fur and didn’t have much time then … but also, because the fur got my pcs to their limit and i thought maybe the new hair/particle system will be up soon.

Anyway… main reason is this:
the guy should have a body.
But i don’t know, how to best go on about that. Do sculpt it from the bottom piece of the head? Do i extract it from there? Or do i make it seperatly - and how do i connect the two then?
This should in the end be animated (though with the current v-density, i see a problem there :D)

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

The model looks great.:yes: You should just model the body from the main mesh. It’ll cost you more trouble if you’re gonna model the body separately and join it later. Just use some reference picture or if you want, use a makehuman model as a reference. Their models produce nice edge looks and you want that for nice deformations when you’re already animating.:smiley:

You know sculpting is a great way to knock out a head, but for a body I think box modeling it is the way to go. You’ve got the head, start a second mesh and box model the body. Setup some nice reference images.

Have you followed Greg Southern’s tutorials? The softwares methods are different but the results are the same.

I think the minotaur’s body type would be perfect for this creature, so this should give you some nice reference.

Edit: I just read icey-cooley’s post. (Nice name by the way, very frosty :slight_smile: )
I hate to disagree with you, but working with meshes, joining them, exporting them, baking, retopo, sculpting in seperate applications, none of these things are to be feared. To perfect your art you will need to develop workflows that allow you complete flexibility in your projects.