Friendly Pivot For Blender 2.80+

Hi! This is small addon for artists who migrating from Maya to Blender and missing a Pivot Transform tool.

Friendly Pivot addon mimics the functionality of the Autodesk Maya Pivot Transform tool with minor differences and improvements for the Blender . Its main task is to quickly and conveniently change the Pivot Transform Orientation , Origin and 3D Cursor positions by pressing one key , eliminating the need to select the desired component of a mesh and long travel through different menus to select a necessary action.
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This looks really really good. I love how clean it is while still letting you know what it’s doing, and the fact that you addressed all three of these things (some of the most frustrating things for me in Blender) the better!

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Thanks. As a former Maya artist I missed it so almost a year ago I made this addon to simplify my workflow. While using it on my own I got some ideas to improve the Origin’s and 3D Cursor’s manipulation so I’m planning to add them in near future:) And of course great customers gave me some good advises too.

I bought it and am already enjoying it!

I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to track down why I couldn’t get the transform orientation to match the faces I was selecting and it turns out it that in Move mode it wasn’t setting the Orientation off of Global to SCPO. I’m not sure if it’s something specific to my Blender setup (removing my startup.blend file seems to fix it, for whatever reason). Is that something that is just broken on my end or is it possible that the script isn’t set up to force override the Orientation in Move mode?

My guess is of course that it’s in my setup but I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is in the startup.blend file that seems to be overriding your script for this.

Added a gif to show it in action:

Great. Yes addon do not change Move/Rotate/Scale custom settings, it operates only by common Transformation Orientation section. If you set it to Default in Move preference, the orientation will use common TO and pivot changes to SCPO orientation. I’ll fix it later. Thanks for the post.

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So adding option to addon to change orientation in Move will cause the problem to set it back using blender orientation pie menu. it only affects common orientation. So I need to look into it before add to addon.

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Hello everyone! There is an update to 0.0.93 of Friendly Pivot Addon :

  • Added viewport shortcuts help and indicators.
  • Added 3D Cursor Orientation.
  • Added Auto set Pivot to 3D Cursor shortcut and pref.
  • Added Auto set SCPO to Move/Rotate/Scale Tools shortcut and pref.
  • Added Double click D key for setting selected object’s Origins to center.

Hope you’ll like it. Stay safe! Mir.

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Hello everyone! There is an update of the addon to version 0.2.2. at Blender Market and ArtStation . It contains several improvements and new features:

  1. Added restoring preferences. This is experimental feature to store custom setup every time when addon is turned off. Tested on Windows only.
  2. Added ability to set conform buttons in Preference.
  3. Added Multi Selection Mode for Origin only(for now).
  4. Added Set Origin to one axis.

Default keymap:

While pressing and holding D(default invoke addon key):

  1. Press LMB - To set just Transform Orientation.
  2. Press MMB - Sets only 3D Cursor to highlighted.
  3. Press RMB - Sets only Origin to highlighted.
  4. Press and hold S, then LMB - Sets Origin and Orientation.
    5 Press and hold C, then RMB - Sets 3D Cursor.
  5. Press and hold A - Activate multi selection mode for Origin.
  6. Press and hold X or Y or Z - Set Origin to one axis.
  7. Press O - Switch On/Off Pivot to Cursor settings.
  8. Press P - Switch On/Off SCPO into Active Transform Tools settings.

Best regards, Mir.


Hello everyone! Another Friendly Pivot update is available on Blender Market. Now version 0.2.4 has Bounding Box Widget to setup Origin and 3D Cursor. Details in Video

To invoke press D+B
Best regards, Mir.

Hello everyone! FP addon(Blender Market) now have Pivot gizmo to setup origin and custom orientation. All details in video.