Frigate/carrier donations

Has anyone ever built a frigate/air craft carrier and would they like to donate it for the ‘November Wolf’ film trailer??

NW is a live action feature involving werewolves - the US government - hunter squads - Ireland - mad paddies and a lot of action sequences. The trailer is a promo tool for prospective producers.

Any takers??

Here’s an early model of our werewolf by the way


frigate as in a sci-fi frigate?

No just your run of the mill sea bearing frigate. The shot I’m gonna do is:
13. EXT. SEA — DAY
The FRIGATE seems to cut still and motionless through the choppy Irish seas as we rush low and fast towards it.


  1. EXT. Flight Deck — Night
    Derek jumps into the dark ocean below. A SPLASH.

i’ve more…

Try these cats out, they may be able to help:

Cheers hundred, checked out turbosquid - dude its a god-send. Feel like I’m cheating though but boy it’s gonna cut down the work load! Some really cool free models to play around with