frodochilds ogre

frodochild made the ogres head and i made the body and texture the model still along way to wherever its going but here it is

heres a musclular update

do you think you could do a close up of the neck, becuase something looks a bit off. Other than that, looking great!

heres that neck

im currently rigging him (ive never rigged a model before)

and i dont know how my first problem is while assigning the verts

i make a new group assign the verticies when i press the deselect button the verts deselect and when i press the selct button the select but then i parent the arm to the bones it wont work and i got back to the assinging verts and it wont work either


im sry i found what was wrong i was parenting the armature the wrong way

can any one help me with wieght painting any ne know of a tutorial or somthing

With the neck, I think those two ridgey bits should be further away from each other, whats the vert count and how many subsurface levels do you have?

its very high poly at least for me around 7000 faces and a sub surf of 1