Frog - another update 16/8/04 this time with AO - See page 2

Hi guys,

Another one in a long list of incomplete projects :wink: .

I needed to start working on this because it’s going to be a birthday present for my dad - who really likes frogs.

The materials etc. is just me stuffing around. But I think I’m getting a frog shape. Don’t worry about the strange break in reflection on the underbelly. This model is two linked halves that haven’t been welded together yet.

This is my first serious organic modelling attempt and I already know it’s never going to look like a realistic frog - but I’ll settle for a stylistic frog :smiley:

Comments and criticisms are welcome.


Great start. I love the froggish feel of it. I’m going to hold off on further critiques until you start telling us you’re done with it. :wink:

Just don’t leave it too late. I may have modelled myself into a corner. :smiley:

I might try to finally start working on the eyes. I’ve been dreading that part.

looking good so far :slight_smile:
i just have a few minor crits:

  1. the legs look a little odd (mostly the back legs), looks kind of like they are a little too far from the body

  2. the head seems a little small

other than that great job, looks very froggish :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. An update is done.
I have included the eyes and I altered the body and head shape a bit to remove the ‘squared’ look the little fella had before.

Gotta say, I love the subsurf creasing in the 2.34 pre-release. I have used this subtly through the whole model.


Nice starts, try to make more big legs of your frog.
look at mind :

Thanks for that.
At this stage, I think it’s more likely that I’ll try to make the body smaller rather than the legs bigger.

I like the shape of the legs and I’m pretty sure I’ll bugger everything up if I try to increase the size.

Nice frog by the way.


The eyes look ok to me and the shape of the body is a little better.

To make it easier for people to critique you work, you should turn off the reflection until you’ve finished modelling. This allows others to see the model much more clearly.

And are you using reference pictures, they might help if you’re not. :wink:

OK - thanks for the replies so far.
I’ve tried to make the frog’s body smaller as I agree it was a little huge compared with the head and legs. I’ve also moved the back legs a little closer to the body.

And as per the last suggestion, I’ve turned off the reflection crap and AO to give a more solid impression of what’s going on with the model. I’ve also included my attempt at a WIRE. It was vaguely successful. :x


that is a nice frog!!

Perhaps try to make the little guy hunched down a bit more. That will give him a more froggish sort of feel. Keep it up. You’re progressing nicely.

Wow, organic models are really hard to make, and you are doing a great job. Keep it up man.

Thanks guys. I’m almost completely happy with the body.
However, the head is a different story.

I’m tempted to try chopping the head off and starting it again.
I mean it’s OK, but it’s got issues that I’m not sure if I’m skillful enough to fix without making the model look stupid.

PiroXXI - Thanks. :slight_smile:

anogarlr - Thanks for the advice there. I agree the pose isn’t the most usual for a frog, but at this stage I think I may be stuck with this one. I might tinker a little to see if I can lower his body a bit, but I don’t like my chances.

Jay Eff - Thanks. However, I don’t feel particularly clever as this model could have been churned out by most in under an hour. It took me about 10 hours and I did everything the wrong way. :-?


its looking good caleb72. However, how come the back feet are webbed and the front feet aren’t? Is that a frog thing?

Thanks GCat.

Must be a frog thing. My reference pic had it like that.
Probably because the back legs provide all the power for swimming (or something).


Well I’ve done a bit of an update.
Was a bit scared to alter the head much but I thought it was just too small and the wrong shape in previous versions.

This head now is getting much more froglike I think.
The jaw isn’t so thick, the eyes are bigger. In fact the head has had its width and length increased. I also tried to get a more angled head from a top view (not really visible in this render).

Let me know if you think this is an improvement.


Nice and organic, keep on going at it :slight_smile:

Very froggish. He has lots of attitude and presence. I think the size of the head is good. The fingers on the hands seem too long and tapering. He looks a bit too muscular around the shoulders. Frogs have skinny little arms compared to their legs. Like they’re saying, good organic modeling there.

Well - took me a while to find this post to update it. :smiley:

I’m almost done now - just finalising a few things before the final render.
This one is without AO because:

1 - it was going to take too long and I’m not sure if there are a few more things I’m going to tweak

2 - it was making my wood texture look shit. :frowning:

In any case - this is still a render with everything turned up to full (full OSA and rendering OSA on 16) using the Universal Renderer.

Feel free to pour out the C&C at the moment because I don’t want to render it for a day and not be happy with the result.


You’ve got a strected texture on the skirting board, you might want to fix that.

Otherwise it looks great.