Frog - another update 16/8/04 this time with AO - See page 2

Re the stretched texture - that is a fortuitous accident.
It looks like paint strokes which is accidentally exactly what I was hoping for. :smiley:

Thanks for the compliment by way. I’ve really enjoyed how this has turned out although I’m now at the stage where all I can see are flaws %|.

While I’m at work, my computer is chugging away at a render with AO at 5 samples and I’ll see how everything looks with that.

If it looks OK I’ll put it to 16 samples and prepare for a long render.
If not I may need to study 3 point lighting in a hurry. :smiley:

Either way - I’ll probably post in Finished shortly as a commitment to finishing this project. I still have to find the printer, the frame etc. etc. etc.


Now with AO.
This is only with 5 samples so that I can get a feel.
What does everyone think - AO the way to go here?
If so - it’s time for a very long 16 sample render.


Perhaps that your AO solution doesn’t show enough soft shadows under the frog. Have you set the AO to ‘both’ or only to ‘add’? Perhaps should you try to toggle between these.

The pic is very very cool BTW :slight_smile: You could even discard my comment and fire a render with 16 samples ‘like-is’. It’s good enough anyway

I had the AO set to ADD.
I tried BOTH but it didn’t make a noticeable difference except that the picture looked worse. :smiley:

I’m ending this thread now and posting in the Finished Projects.

Thanks to everyone who has commented along the way. I can’t believe I actually finished something vaguely serious.