Frog skin in cycles

What’s the best way to create the random dimple texture found on a frog’s skin in cycles?

Would help if you posted a picture of what kind of frog ur talking about. But off hand I’d say a image texture made in Photoshop with a much of soft brush dots. Doesn’t have to be a large image. You could make it very small and repeat it. You could just get a frog and take his picture and use that as ur diffuse, bump, specular and everything. If I see a frog later when I take the dogs for a walk, I’ll take a picture for you.

Well you have to make texture in gimp or Photoshop, mix together diffus, glossy and subsurface scatering shader, there are plenty tutorials creating skin in cycles.

Not if the frog sees you (and the dogs) first!:smiley:

A frog skin texture might be procedurally done with Musgrave texture and a little curve mapping.

yeah it got cold here suddenly last night. Zero frogs. Our frogs are pretty lazy here in Houston. They are also poisonous to dogs so they don’t scare easy. One lick and the dog is foaming at the mouth.

Ur in luck. I had some pics of a frog saved to my HDD. Might be able to get a texture from them. If ur using photoshop for the lens correction filter to fix warping the camera and lens are canon efs 18-55mm.

Not sure if that spit lookin stuff is from the frog or from my dog after it made the mistake of tasting him. =)

Bufo genus = called toads not frogs, whole different texture probably two or thee different scales of voronoi bump blended with a noise factor. Spit looking stuff from the parotoid glands just back of the eye in your picture showing very nicely secreting toxic mucus.

You are not far enough south for this to have been much fun for your dog! (Bufo alvarius, found central and south America, secretes hallucinogenic toxins).

Check out this beautydone in Inkscape

Aw hell DruBan did you do that frog? That’s amazing! Yeah frogs like, the ones I think ur talking about have a sort of patchwork type skin that voronoi would probably do a good job of simulating. We have those too. I have a picture of one giving me the finger on my glass door.

Not me at all! I wish…