Frogger random car/etc. spawning

Hello all,
I am recreating the game Frogger ( as a fun project, and I need a script that will randomly spawn all the objects that move across the screen in Frogger :). I am still quite new to Python programming (I know other languages) and have not yet tried anything like this. If you would be willing to help here is my .blend:


Well I don’t really know much programming at all so this is not going to be too helpful, so hopefully someone else can give you a better example, but here was my attempt :slight_smile: Was this what you were talking about?


Frogger.blend (636 KB)

Use multiple empties and random sensor. that worked for me in making random zombies :slight_smile:

the post above this one wasn’t there when I posted mine, but that would work also

Thanks to you both, I appreciate it!