Created in Blender 2.79 a year ago,
It is pretty simple, I thought I should just share the image with you, guys… xd
more shit here, though:


I had a staring contest with your frog friend there… the frog won… But that’s ok because I’ll win the next round. Something about this model just makes me want to stare it down. Suspicious looking frog. Looks like he might have stolen something I own and he’s trying to play it off. If that’s the case he’s doing a good job… I’ll figure out what he’s up too eventually.

To be honest I had the same impression when I had it finished, I mean it wasn’t supposed to look that fishy to be honest :’-x but ughh, the client said yes, so it ain’t my problem to creep his viewers out with this model :’’’

Oh don’t worry I wasn’t saying that as an insult, I actually like Sir. Frog quite a bit.

Do not worry mah’ maaan I didnt say that I didnt get the joke xd
Thanks buddy <3333

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Hooooly !#!$#:@%L…! THANK YOU!

You really made my-… my freaking week! :–D

And thanks, everybody!

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