Froggish man - Spot the differences

Ha, my very first finished project from my first ever non-tutorial model.

One of these images was made with raytraced shadows and ambient-occlusion and took 56 min to render, the other is entirely scanline rendered except for the reflection and took less than 3 min.
Can you spot wich one?

Could someone higher up the Blender-foodchain than me, as total 3d newbie, help me with the following? How can I make an envmapped reflection of the head, without the bottom part of the model, the part that is under water, being reflected behind it?

The second one is raytraced, good work.

same opinion here. actualy i also like the second one more. the colors look better.

The first pic has sharper shadows, so it must be the raytraced one.

Sorry yfkar. but traitor and cekuhnen were spot on.

And here I was, thinking I could fool you people %| .

I still have the problem with an env-mapped reflection though.
Does someone have an idea how I could solve that?