(S_W) #1

Does anybody still have the froggy EXE file?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

(jbelanche) #2

Yes, I have one … :slight_smile:

(joecool) #3

so do I

(S_W) #4

thank you joecool, but jbelanche has sent it to me already. :slight_smile:

(joecool) #5

I didn’t even know you wanted it :stuck_out_tongue: I thought you wanted to know how many people had it =P
I’m stupid :wink:

(system) #6

I still have it.


(S_W) #7

Thank you BigWhale, but I only wanted to have the file (I didn’t want to know who has it) :wink:

(system) #8

I also have the .blend file. -Joeri

(S_W) #9

Thanks again :slight_smile: , but I had the blend file already. I only wanted to have the exe file, because I wanted to compare the file size of an Publisher exe with the file size of a GameDeployer exe.

(saluk) #10

So how do they compare?

I still have both the blend and the exe as well :):):slight_smile:

(Detritus) #11

What´s froggy.exe? Sounds interesting.

(S_W) #12

The Publisher .exe file is 1,79 MB and the GameDeployer .exe is 1,80 MB! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want I could send you the file by email. :slight_smile:

(joecool) #13

hey I don’t have the blend file, could someone send it to me?

(S_W) #14

Check your mailbox :wink:

(joecool) #15

thanks man, I got it

(Detritus) #16

SW: I would be glad if you sent me the file. And maybe some guidance on how to use it, if it´s complicated. Thanks!