This is my new character:
Planing to make a movie with him and some other characters which isn’t finished yet.

Hope you’ll like him:


That is one awesome frog!

How do you do that eye effect? mmm…I’ve got to learn to create eyes [!]

Can’t wait to see the other characters.

Keep up the sleek work :wink:


what do you mean by eye effect ?

glad you liked it :wink:

wolf: the eyes are based off of

Looks pretty good so far. We need more angles than just the head-on one.

The toes look a bit square and something seems just a little off under the eye (where it meets the head). Also, his left nostril seems a little indented.

Very nice texturing. Looks very expressionable. I look forward to the animation.

Here’s a little test animation:


Yay! That little frog is adorable!

thank you Duoas.

I’m about to start on the movie.

Working on a duck right now:D


:smiley: funny frog! looks good

i like how u made it lick its lips haha