Frogman world

I am uploading this as a finished project but I will propably look at it again in the future and rework some areas. But right now I need to move on to something else.

Things I noted this morning - always happens then :eyebrowlift:

  • I think both frogmen poses are too alike. The spears are squaring off the composition on the right - thats not good. It looks clumsy.

  • The space behind the frogs need some work. also the flooring, it’s too clean. Needs some staining

  • There are some really weird peculiarities around the joint areas of the frogmen. Aaargh!

  • The terrain is too dry for the climate area and the foilage too sparse. I will have to figure something out.

  • And those black shiny eyes? What’s the deal there? Well, I still really suck at texturing - and they were taking up too much time. And they don’t look THAT bad in black… or do they?

Anyway. If you note some more troubling aspects of the image - let me know. Sometime in the future I will propably delve into the scene again. When I am a bit more fresh :wink:

There is a lot of detail and meticulous work done on the structures in the background. Every pully, lift, container and piece of leather work was strapped, modeled and fitted and into a logical way of working. Well, most. Too much detail for the amount you see here. I will upload a close up view sometime.

Thanks for looking at this! :smiley:

PS> Please ignore my HORIBEL spelling

A bit more detail from the structure:

I will post some other angles tomorrow. Gotta get back to work

Just a side question…

Does blender have a way to drop something on a plane or object like Bryce? (Yeah, I was a big Bryce fan years ago) If a scatter a bunch of PNG textured planes and want to drop them on my terrain with a quick and easy step, is that possible?


Great work – keep it up!

It looks great! Good fantasy concept…
Link to scatter and drop script…I’ve never used it.

Keep Blending!

Wow, great image! 2 things though: I don’t like the background image too much, the purple background and the brown look kinda separated. I would prefer an image that is mostly in brown / red colors like the foreground. And the materials look a bit like plastic. Have your turned on SSS for the skin and the other organic parts? Apart from that, awesome - I love the frogmen idea! :smiley:

sounds like you’ve got a plan…nice sky…hope to see more later…gotta watch them frogs…also…Python script>Object>Drop Onto Ground…

Thanks for the comments!

Shortlord - Strange that you suggest that. I had the sky a more reddish afternoon light (Red, Orange, Yellow) but changed it as I progressed. About the texturing… yes I agree, it looks too plastic. Especially the frogs. I should propably do a specular map and throw in a bump (I only mapped normals to it).

I really have to start focusing on texturing. It’s always a afterthought with me compared to rendering and modeling.

Noobie&Frank - Wonderful! Thanks. I’ll check it out this afternoon.