Frogrun | Teaser/Breakdown | Fantasy Marble Run Animation

First Post!
So excited to be sharing and joining the community.

After ten years of Producing…nothing
a Challenge was Born
a Challenge was Accepted
to Create a 3d animated Marble Run

Stay tuned and Follow for the Full Animation Rolling Soon!!!

Full Breakdown at my ArtStation here:

Frogrun | Teaser | a Fantasy Marble Run Animation

Here are some frames pulled from the animation.

All aspects, including music, has been created by me using Blender/EEVEE, Substance Painter, Substance Alchemists, After Effects, Photoshop, and Cakewalk.

Thank you for viewing!


Wow that looks all awesome. Good to know that it’s all possible with EEVEE. I love the creative lighting and it’s colors. You didn’t use environment light, right? (Environment light doesn’t cast shadows, therefore a challenge). And did you use something to bounce light back into the scene, like a a huge sphere (concept of EV Express addon)?

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Thanks you so much!

I used one HDRI from HDRI Haven. One of the Night shots, sorry don’t remember exactly which one.
I tried to “Fake” the bounce lighting by using 2 Sun Lamps set to a cool blue and purple. One strong one for the direct lightning and another one on the opposite direction with shadows off.

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This is fantastic! Can’t see the final drop of the full animation…

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Thanks Brian!
Couldn’t have made it through this marathon of a project without you joining into the challenge. I am hoping to release final animation early next week.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I am truly honored! Thanks so much and have a fantastic weekend!!!