From:3-Ds Studios - MAZEGAME

OK, so I’m a noob here at this site, and it looks like this will be my first post. First off on my list is just thanking the Blender creators for making such a great program!! Second off would be thanking the Blender community for helping this grow to be a great hobby for me and MANY others. And third off the list would be introducing myself and what I’m doing here:

Well I’m a new Blenderist, but not new to the 3D modeling field (3ds Max), and I’m VERY creative much like the rest of us here. I love writing shorts, and I’m getting into making a bunch of different kinds of games ranging from basic geometry shapes as characters, and the environment - 3D/2D characters in a 2D environment.

My first game I’m making is what this project thread is all about; MAZEGAME (working title) In which you can choose from 3 basic body shapes - A sphere, a pyramid, and a square. You stick with this one bodytype (still customizable) throughout each game type. In turn each game type has specific maps specific to that shape, these game type are: - A puzzle game where you have to get through each level without dieing to many times - A ‘race’ game where you race other oponents with weapons and powers at your disposal - A collector mode much like Pac-Man where you have to collect as many point bubbles in as little time possible to earn trophies - A timed mode where you can hone your speed, and skill with each shape - And finaly but curtainly not last, is the RPG of MAZEGAME, where you battle the indomitable “Shapeless Mass” which is wrecking havok and consuming all pure shapes growing ever larger.

Well hope this intrigues some people as this is meant to be suitable to all audiances, but still fun for those who want to get into a short game. And just so everyone can picture how the characters and scenery looks (before I add screenshots, development pictures, etc.) each character will be close to how Rayman was, with hands not attached by visable limbs, and a face almost not connected to the body. Each face type will be customizable, and be able to pick between each facial feature… which is not that much - Eyes & Mouth - These will be cartoony as will everything in the game (all audiences) everything is meant more just for some quick fun, pick up and play action. The environment will be based off of the area where you start, and which shape you are, for example :If you are a sphere you will be surrounded by round hills, and cylindrical houses, and buildings, In the Square area you will be in a floating city surrounded by square houses, and buildings (very basic ideas, but detailed).

So thats my current project, and the game I’m learning all the features Blender has to offer in its game engine with. I’ll be posting around for help in a bunch of things, mostly to do with Python, logic bricks, etc. As I have no experience with it and will need help and resources (found many, but if I don’t understand I’ll give a shout).

Well Talk To Everyone Later,


edit Forgot to mention about the Trophies/Achievments that will be in the game for everything you do, many will be displayed but most will be hidden. They will have funny punch lines, and pictures, also each Trophy/Achievment gained will add a curtain amount of points to your character. Then you can turn in your points into new special weapons, abilities, body styles, and maps. This gives the game great replayability where to beat the game you have to beat every race,puzzle,collector game with each body type to unlock each new weapon, map, body style, and ability.