From 3D to 2D

I created a textured 3D model of a antique figure, that has writing around the body. The finale figure is about 2 meters high and more or less cylindrical. Is it possible to create a flat representation of the texture, to get a map of the inscription? For the archeologist this would be fantastic.
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yes, do a search about uv unwrapping. you maybe have to do a little work on your model but its possible :wink:

Looks like a 3D scan. The texture should be already unwrapped.
But the written text, if i see this correctly, is sculpted right? It is probably not noticable in the texture.
First idea: make sure the part with the text is unwrapped all in one piece. You can unwrap that part separately in a new uv layer. Then create a shader using AO and cavity which makes the text stand out well. Bake that shader as diffuse light. If that doesn’t work you might need to bake from your sculpture onto a lower poly model.
If you are new to blender this will overwhelm you. You can upload the model and I’ll give it a try if you want.

Maybe even easier solution: make the text area flat using a shrinkwarp modifier. Then use a hard light from one side to pronounce the text and render that

This would be fantastic, many thanks! Yes, I am a beginner in blender. you can download the model here.

The idea is to have kind of a map of the body for localisation of the whole text. The unwrapped image of the lower half of the statue with the text in it would be enough.

This is an old example of a hand drawn version.

Well for unwrapping an image first of you need an image :slight_smile: in the model you uploaded there is no image included (you need to pack them to the file). But as I said earlier, I dont think this will help much as the text is mainly engraved. So this is geometry information mainly.
I baked a normal map from the model. This one contains the height information on a 2D unwrapped image. This one you can render out. I created a 4K normal map but that is too large for uploading it, so the one I upload is 1k. Let me know if you need the 4K version.

But it seems like the scan resolution is not high enough for the text to be readable. Or maybe an archeologist can, but I cant :grinning: The overall model looks great though. agya3.blend (802.9 KB)

Hi Centauri

I just packed all into the blend file. It is not that important to be able to read the signs, it is more the demonstration that unwrapping in principle can be applied and the torso can be stored as a flat image.
I appreciate your support very much! It would be great if you could help me with that task.

I am pretty sure unwrapping is not what you want in this case, because you will lose all those letters and cracks and so on. You will be left with an image without any valuable information. I can demonstrate this for you anyway what I mean.

If you want something similar to the hand drawn version, then baking onto a low poly cylinder is the way to go - which is what i did. Including the diffuse color texture will lead to a even better result. This is sort of an unwrapping process too, just on a larger scale. Like unwrapping the overall cylinder.

But all that I need to do tonight, as I need to get some work done first :slight_smile: Maybe I missed that you included the color texture

Yes, I updated the file on dropbox. The texture is now included.

All the best and many thanks,

Okay here is what I did:
placed a cylindric shape around the bottom area. Unwrapped that simple shape so that it can be projected to a 2D image later. Then I baked a diffuse color map and a normal map from the sculpture onto that shape. The diffuse color map is actually good enough, but with the normal map you can play around a little more for a better shading. See the result in the blend file. Is this what you wanted?

agya3.blend (3.6 MB)

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This looks very nice, many thanks. I will need to exercise with blender to understand all the processes, all the possibilities are crazy.

All the best!