From 3D to music

Hello my dear Blender friends !

The years I learnt and used Blender were the most exciting years of my life !

A short visit here after many years far away from 3D. I miss Blender a lot, but there is not enough time for everything in life. There are so many new amazing features in Blender that I fear I would have to learn almost everything from scratch !

I come back to give you a link. During the lockdown, I worked a lot on music, and I produced many works in different genres.

Now I am on You will discover more than 200 musical pieces I composed or improvised along the past years. Do not hesitate to create an account on and put some comments (good or bad !). Obviously,you can also leave a message here ! Any comment will be welcome.

Here is the link

Have a good day, and a lot of fun with Blender !

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