From 3D to plush doll, WOOT!

Our hero Takeo Igarashi is at it again. Here is are really cool program that lets you design your own plush toys in 3D.

Make sure to watch the whole video. Towards the end they show kids making their own toys.

that is neat, nice to see kids creating things now a-days :slight_smile:

sweet :yes:
My kids would love it…

That is fantastic. Very very cool

That’s neat. All I have to say about it.

Yeah that’s good. But not awesome yet.

They still have to invent the 3D printer that will build if for you.

Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is amazing! I need to get my sowing machine back asap!!!

Great find TorQ,

The software looks cool I bet my mom would love it, she is a great seamstress.

I love the voice of the girl doing the voice over. Do you think she might be a hottie?


Yes I think she is:

That is quite cool!

Very nice! It reminds me of fibermesh.