From 3DS Max to Blender


I want to export something from 3ds max to Blender. The most important thing I need however is the armature to be kept in exactly the same state as it was in max.

I know this question has been asked quite a few times, however I have only found old old old pages covering this topic, Blender and Max both have been updated severely since then. And if I found something, it would link me to a non existing page…

So, which import/export option would you recommend? As I sad, the most important aspect is the armature. I don’t mind trying out random plugins from the web, should they be helpful!!

Please help me, this is part of a problem I have trying to work around of for ages now…

Thanks in beforehand!!

Have you ever tried with Collada?? 3DMax support Collada export, you can import that into blender, I think.

yeah, but the Blender Collada Importer is extremely bugged. Tried everything, and the last time I asked people snapped…

I love the support!

Heh, you get what you pay for.

The first one is free…

I figured…

You could, you know, detail where these import operations go wrong so maybe they could be fixed or something.

And by ‘detail’ I mean post examples on the bug tracker that demonstrate the ‘extremely bugged’ nature of the importers since that’s where the people qualified to provide you with the kind of ‘support’ you want tend to look for issues.

i think Collada Importer is nice. If it cannot work , that may be duo to the system.

Have you downloaded the fbx utility that autodesk offers for free on their site for converting between successive versions of FBX or Collada?
It’s very helpful to try out more combinations with various exporters and importers you test.