From a Blender Tutorial (How to Create an Underground Subway by Andrew Price)

This is what I ended up with when I finished this tutorial. I know it doesn’t look amazing, like it needs some touching up, including the foremost lamps and some small debris strewn about, whatever. What, specifically, might be more that could be done?

Errr… could you direct-link to this tutorial? =)

Indeed. It is here and here. It has two parts: Modeling and Rendering (materials and whatnot).

Thanks a lot!

And… my apologies for mystupid non-feedback-but-must-ask-silly-question here… I will try to make up for it now:

I really do like the overall look of that scene. It is rather simplistic but IMHO it really has everything that is needed for that kind of situation and ambience. The only thing I really miss are a few details at the rails. Usually even the subway-rails (at least here in Germany) are attached to bars. There is a lot of structure and detail at where the rails are attached to the bars. Just have a look.


If you keep on working on it, Please keep posting :cool:

I hadn’t noticed too much how little you can see of the rail clamps… I think I’ll have to change that. Thanks!

Yeah LOL just checked out the tutorial out myself. Well, apart from that I have no “suggestions” left. I just like it :wink:

Yeah. I’ll see if I can’t update it in a couple of days. Until then.