from a projection map to a texture HELP

hi every one

i have a problem noooo!! :slight_smile: yesyes :slight_smile:

so here it is
-1 I import a .obj comming from make human (the uv uwrap unfold is integrated but there is not bitmap texture)
-2 I make a projection of an image on the mesh (with the tool , make sticky and material/map input/ stick)
-3 I would like to ri would like to be able to get the projection that has been made on the mesh but on a Bitmap image (So i cant use the bitmap image as a texture with the uv of point 1)
:confused: hope i have been clear enough …

is there a script or something i can do

thx for reading and maybe for helping :stuck_out_tongue:

sincerely A.V.

you mean, like, the image of the UV mapped onto the model as it appears? If so, just position the camera like you want the projection to appear, and render the projection, and save the image in the bmp format…

the sticky texture and the subsurf modifier doesnt work together ? am i doing something wrong…
any ideas of what is going on?:confused:
thx for help:D

thx for answering
but what i want is not a render of my scene, i want a texture baking, with the sticky but it doesnt work…