From Asymptote to Blender

I created a proof of concept connecting the output from the program Asymptote ( and prepares it in a form for Blender. (I was surprised that nobody seems to have done this in the past!) Asymptote is an old command line program with mathematical roots originating in the TeX typesetting program from the middle of the 80’s. It has some unique capabilities with regards to solving global constraints for smooth connection of paths.

Here is a screenshot of a asymptote script that creates a wired ball by parametric equation and some “manual connections” and exports it to a form suitable for creating a blender path. A small blender script turns it into a path.

Let me know if anyone finds this useful.

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In Asymptote, it is quite easy to construct complicated 3D geometric objects such as pathes and surfaces. Thus it would be quite helpful if one can export them for further ray tracing rendering in Blender.

It seems that you write a module path_utils to enable exporting pathes, can you share your code? Is it easy to do the same for surfaces and even export pathes and surfaces to standard .obj file?

Thanks for asking. I now created a github repo with the code at .

It should be pretty straightforward to create any geometric object from asymptote in a format suitable for blender. It’s just a question of changing the format.

Regarding writing paths and surfaces to obj, that also should not be very difficult. You just need to read the specification of the format you want to use and then implement it in asymptote. But that has nothing to do with blender.

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Thanks a lot for sharing! I will take a close look.