From beginner to pro

Hey guys,
I’m new in the 3d world. I started learning blender a few weeks ago from tutorials, but my progress is tooooo slow, because I feel like I can’t fully use blender, so my question is is there any books I can buy to help me to advance from a beginner to a pro?? also guys I feel really down because of this slow progress, and feeling like I will give up ( which I don’t want to do) so any aadvices please from the pros how they became pros?

any aadvices please from the pros how they became pros?

Lots of hard work and practice. The first few weeks are difficult, even the first few months. You can’t become a pro right off the bat, so keep doing tutorials, making projects, experimenting, and try a few contests. It does take a while, but before you know it, you will improve quite a lot. Keep in mind that no one is ever done learning, and everyone is always trying to improve their skills. My advice? Keep at it.

don’t begin with test of refractive materials :slight_smile:

If good cg work were easy to learn and make, then everyone would be doing it. It is one of those skill sets that make it worth it in part because it takes time and work to get good at, as well as some amount of technical know how.

You also should try to get an idea of what you want to do specifically, visual effects (particles & dynamics), modeling, rigging and animating? If you can break your focus up then you wont need to worry about learning it all…or at least all at once. The most common approach though is modeling, so ill focus on that.

Starting off, I would just focus on modeling in some more stream linee applications like Silo, wings3d or maybe even some basic google sketchup. The idea is to take away the distractions of everything and just focus on the art of modeling, keep it simple. Then move onto UVing models. Once you can do that (again start simple), you open up the doorway for applying texture maps, normal and bump maps, specular maps…ect Then you can approach high poly modeling which can include perhaps one of the most fun aspects of modeling…which is sculpting. To get feel for sculpting, go ahead and download Sculptris. All of this will tie together to perfecting a strong modeling workflow, but you have to do just one simple thing at a time.

A lot of tutorials like to show you how to bigger projects or jump all over the place. I do not recommend that at all. Dont worry about texuturing, configuring shaders, creating complex scenes or renders…build your foundation first.

Also if you havent gone out and bought a pen tablet yet, do so. For those starting out I would recommend the “wacom bamboo” line or “monoprice” tablets (which can go as cheap as $40)…wacom is the better of the two. You will want these for texture and sculpting work, its also good to start getting used to interacting with computers with this form of input.