from Blender.Armature.Bone - Bone doesn't exist?

Hello people. I’m not deep in all scripting and stuff, but it seems i cannot get one thing to work.
I have a script:

import sys
import os

import blender
from Blender.Armature.Bone import SKINNABLE, UNSKINNABLE

Its not all code, but it gives me an error - It says there is no module named Bone. It’s not my script, all I am doing is trying to fix it to work. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I just tried it out and I think the error is reported incorrectly. It’s not missing the Bone module but SKINNABLE and UNSKINNABLE. What happens if you remove the line? Could you post the script?

You can downlaod the bugged version of it at

Its not a single script, and as im pretty ew to this stuff, thought mayeb someone else here will know how to fix it.

Why not just do a :

from Blender import *

It gives an Invalid Syntax error.

:confused: :confused: I use it all the time and have many scripts with
that at the top of the script.

Make sure it is not indented (space or Tabs)


Allright, found the error.
Now, ive set thsi up working, but the export script doesn’t work - It doesn’t create the file at all.
It also has a line

from Blender.Armature.Bone import LOC, ROT, SIZE

I have deleted it as I think “from Blender import *” shoudl work instead of this one too… Or am i Wrong?

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