From Blender Noobies to Hollywood Movies

I was wondering how Hollywood movies with that very intensive CG & Visual effects being made and developed on that very high scale and put those epic movies on the top of box-office each couple of months or the highest grossing films ever in the history. so I made a little search and I discovered the system behind that; a company that was founded in the 1970s that thought CG will be the future of film industry. now it became the owner of the most leading Hollywood studios in the world of computer generated movies and effects.
It’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)

So, I thought I have to share that information here with the community for those who didn’t know that fact, and may help in determining how the leading studios think of CG as a wealthy industry, not just a matter of visualization like we noobs thinks of it. :yes:
by that thread I thought also it mey helps for inspiring some guys here in the blender community who think they may take CG as their serious future career, and want to know some aspects of the industry, and prepare good portfolio for it. meybe you will one from those lucky guys that will play a role in one of best featuring movies in Hollywood in the future, just because you took it as a serious decision as your future career,
and thanks to blender that helped you to put your first steps on that success when you first downloaded those old days 20mb blender installer package, was completely noob how to use it, and it was just a matter of curiosity for you to experience 3d with blender but it turned out that it was your first step that lead you to one of those studios like pixer!

Too bad there was no company founded in the 1970s that thought good acting and meaningful plot would be the future of film industry.

I’d rather work on an open movie like Sintel than get rich working on outstanding CGI for outstandingly stupid Hollywood movies. That’s why I picked up Blender.

It’s true that ILM paved the way for the CG industry we have today, but sadly it’s not doing to well these days. A very close family friend of mine has been working at ILM since the mid 80’s. I had a long chat with him a couple of weeks ago about the state of the industry, and in the effects field at least, things aren’t great in the US. He says that ILM is bleeding staff, and that even the upper management are worried about losing their jobs. The reason is overseas studios willing to do the same work for 1/5th of the cost. People have been leaving to Dreamworks, Sony, etc. for reduced pay just to ensure their job security. He said that these days, WETA is what ILM was 10 or 15 years ago, with their own soundstages, mocap, etc. on site, but ILM is severely hurting these days in their effects and modeling departments. A sad time indeed.

even with all those big projects they did like transformers3 and pirates, I also thought their movie rango minted some coins for them.

I hope so, Rango was just grand. I liked everything about it.
I also think ILM still has some know-how and technical expertise (PLUME) others can´t offer. Maybe not for animated stuff but certainly for VFX.

Well I did not mean to post it was a mistake… sorry.

They have to take a severely reduced fee these days for movies just to be competitive in the market. It’s very sad.

“Transformers” is a perfect example of talented, skilled CG workers being teamed up with uninspired, stale-minded producers, writers, directors, and actors. Sometimes I wonder if I’d rather see the latter jobs outsourced a little more often.

Bring in the Bollywood!