From Blender to Blender

How can I import 1 object that I did on blender and I want to import that object to another blender file. Like importing a 3d character into a scene.

Shift-F1, open other .blend file, choose object.

Nothing happen. nothing is loaded. If I but something like a house with texture already applied and I want to import the house with its texture into another scene with the trees and stuff. How do I go about doing it? Is it an adviced to do it this way or should I create everything I new on the scene?

I think this could give you some inslte.

File-Append on top menu.

Nothing happen. nothing is loaded.

As was said, load from the OBJECT library, not the Mesh (or whatever) lib. An Object will be appended with all linked datablocks; a Mesh will be appended only as a Datablock and must then be linked to an Object in the destination file.


Sometimes it appends things into different layers as well, so check every layer. If it is in another layer, you can use M (while it’s selected) and select a layer to move it to.