from Blender to CAD soft how to ?

what is the best export to upload some 3D model to CAD world ?

and list the pros and cons may be

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Depends on the industry, company, software in use… Ask a client. Look at TurboSquid, GrabCAD…

if it is autocad
is there some good export that can be used for instance ?
I know we don’t have any DWG export

but can AutoCAD read any kind of mesh topology at all with materials …

I know for big scene in blender
OBJ files tend to become very big !
so that is not good as export file

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STL works in general and OBJ is usually not supported. Many cad programs are not designed to work with meshes, even if they can read them. Some suffer from limitations in the number of triangles.

SolidWorks won’t import more than 15,000 triangles as a cad object. However, it allows millions of triangles as a visual reference only.

Materials and colors won’t transfer.

How would your files be used? … mesh models don’t translate well for CNC milling and cutting steel. However, 3D routers can use STL for cutting in wood or foam.

I remember some thread where they were working on an addon for CNC
but have not check it In a long time
so it is possible I think

but i’m more interested on how to transfer models from blender to AutoCAD
if possible
there is a need to check a lot of dimensions which is hard to show all the values in blender

so best way would be to sent some sort of file export with the model

there is the DXF but not certain it can work well with 3D

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It is possible to cut a mesh on a CNC, however, many CAM programs don’t work with meshes. It really depends on the the CAM system that is used, which is related to the type of CNC machine and the material to be cut.

DXF would work to transfer the mesh to AutoCAD, although you would have to convert it to DXF in another application. I have not used AutoCAD in many years, I don’t know if it can import other mesh formats now.

Units usually have to be interpreted by a human, as there are very few 3d formats that indicate whether they are inches or metric. So you could make a drawing or markup to go with the 3d file, or indicate the dimensions of a box that the object fits in. Sometimes I will put the size of that bounding box with the units in the name of the file like “my object 10mm x 20mm x 30mm. STL”

it would be nice to have some at to go between the 2 app !

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Actually, I just found a DXF exporter in the add ons and activated it. The default mesh format 3DFACE does save the mesh data to the DXF file.

There’s a checkbox for “Export Selected Only”, I missed that at first.

is it the one from Mignus ?

but I don’t really have a CAD
cannot really test it can you ?

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