From Blender to .nfo , .key??

Is there any free way to export blender models to .nfo or .bdy and animations to .key I know that it is possible with milkshape 3d but it isn’t freeware.My idea was to export blender models to .3ds and than import them in Gmax but the script to converting the models to .nfo is a bit confusing. Does someone know a free way of getting .nfo and .key files from blender models?

id like this too pliz,but i dont know how to myself,soz bro.

i know this is old but theres no replys on it so…

you can do it with gmax and a plugin for gmax, right now im looking for the plugin and thats how i found this thread
pleaze dont get mad at me for posting in an old thread:eek:

heres the script