From Blender to Photoshop using Glossy BSDF

I am getting a material-less object in Photoshop whether it’s an obj or a 3ds. I know there’s a problem with cycles render and Photoshop, so I just want to know if there’s a work around.

Alternatively if you can tell me how to produce a decent metallic look in BI that resembles glossy BSDF, then I’d be equally grateful.

Photoshop’s model viewer uses it’s own renderer, not Cycles. So you can’t expect the shaders to transfer. What exactly are you trying to do? Get an accurate preview of spec/gloss maps you’re painting? Or something else?

If you want metal in BI, either use ray mirror and reduce glossiness (slow) or use a large specular highlight with a similar color to your diffuse color (fast, but doesn’t look that great).

My end goal is simply to bring an object into After Effects with its material preserved. I heard that one way is to use Photoshop as a middle man. It’s part of a larger project and I was just looking to model and texture in Blender and animate in After Effects.