from circle to square

how can i extrude a circle to a square:evilgrin:

Like those wood legs on a table or furniture
going from tube then to a square to stand on the floor:eyebrowlift:

Tanks & Salutations:p

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go to frame 11. Add a square, and subdivide it 4 times. Insert a mesh shape key. leave edit mode. go to frame 1. edit mode, Insert shape key, do the To Circle editing button, leave edit mode. You now have two shape keys that, when the animation is run forward, turn a circle into a square. see the wiki on Shape Keys for more info.
The only other way is to take the four vertices in the circle that wil be corners, enable proportional editing, and scale them out, with the proportional circle sized to affect 1/4 the vertices in I think sharp falloff mode.

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If you have your circle already in place, add a plane to the mesh in edit mode. Select the plane, press the W key, and click “Subdivide Multi.” For the number of cuts, use however many vertices are between two vertices that are a quarter-circle apart. For example, if you have a 32-sided circle, there are 7 vertices between the top and right vertices, so use 7 for the number of cuts to the plane. For an eight-sided circle, there’s only one vertex between the top and right ones, so use 1. A four-sided circle has zero vertices between the top and right ones, so you subdivide the plane zero times, leaving you with the original four-vertex square, which obviously matches up to the “four-sided circle” very well.

Anyway, once you’ve made your subdivided plane, delete its inner vertices. Next, select the leftover square edge and your circle. Finally, change one of the views to a “Scripts Window”, and click “Scripts>>Mesh>>Bridge Faces/Edge-Loops”. You should have a nicely joined pair of edge loops now. If your square and circle don’t have the same number of vertices, the script usually works pretty well anyway. Now, just extrude your square like normal. If you want the feet of the table to be round, you can use the same script after adding a circle with an appropriate number of vertices. You can always force a square to a circle with “To Sphere” (Ctrl-Shift-S), but the vertices won’t be evenly spaced.

Another way I sometimes make stuff straight is to scale it by zero on a particular axis and type the desired position into the box that pops up when you hit the N key. However, in many cases, that will leave you with unevenly spaced vertices.

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Hell of a lot easier if you start with a square profile (assuming it’s already subdivided…)

Extrude the square for the distance you want the transition and left click to lock in place.

Now hit CTRL-SHIFT-S and drag to the right to make the extruded square verts into a circle!

Extrude again for cylinder bit!


Another “obtuse” method might be:
Add a SURFACE > NURBS tube ( in top view)
select the lower 4 corner control points and set their weight to 100
Set Resol U to 16, Resol V to 2
In object mode, convert to mesh (Alt_c)
Add subsurf if you like.

I did find another way not as elegant but not bad:D

you exxtrude the circle ounce:p

Then you select 1/4 or one quandrant of vertices and align to a straight line:eyebrowlift:
repeat that for the 3 quadrant.:yes:
you can extrude the four lines then remove most inner vertices and keep nly the 4 corners
and this should give a rectangle :smiley:

a bit tedious but it works fine:evilgrin: