From edge to polygon

I have extrude 4 vertices and i get 4 edges.
The edges are too thin.
I want to convert my 4 edges to mesh so i can make them fatter.
Do you know any modifier that can help?

I want to make those 4 edges 4 thin cylinders to make them look like rope.
The rope must not be too much thin and not too much fat.
Any ideas?

Separate them into their own object (Mesh -> Vertices -> Separate -> Selection). Here’s a couple of options on what to do with them next:

  • convert them to curve (Object -> Convert to -> Curve from Mesh), then adjust the curve settings to get cylinders. If needed, you can convert them back to mesh afterwards.
  • use the Skin modifier followed by Subdivision Surface to smooth them out.


edges_to_sticks.blend (94.1 KB)

Thanks Stan!