From high poly to low poly displace texture

Hi Guys & Girls,

I’m having trouble with the following.
I have made some 3D scans and made a low poly variant.
Now I want to keep the option open to get the detail from the high poly on the low poly
with some subdivision and a displacement map.
But I don’t know how to do that.
The normal map I can bake but i want more detail :wink:
I work in cycles.

Tips would be very welcome!!

Switch to Blender Render and bake a displacement map and save it. You just need to create the a new texture in the UV/Image Editor, not add a texture node to the material

Then you can change back to cycles renderer, add a subsurf modifier followed by a displace modifierand add the texture

For good displacement maps create a 32bit image and save as an .exr file

Original on the right, a plane with a displacement map on left. Texture coordinates set to UV but no other changes to the displace modifier

Using a non 32bit displacement map loses the depth resolution

do not use a 8 bit displacement !
like the bottom image above

use a 16 bit ( 0- 65545) or 32 bit float

aaaah blender render… Weird that Cycles is missing the option… Thx Guys!!
I’ll try to post the result tomorrow :wink: