From high poly to low poly

Hi guys!
Well, I’ve recently started my traineeship at a little videogames company, and they decided to put me on charge of the 3D part (even if I told them I’m not good enought at the moment) At first I freaked out because I have no experience with low poly (we are making a Real Time Strategy game and I have to model the buildings, the little characters and so on) but then I watched some tutorials and I planed a method.

The boss wants the buildings look like chess pieces, so I decided to model them using displacement, then in the sculpt mode give them a wood carved look and finally convert the high poly modelings in low poly with the ‘bake’ option.* I did the displacement part today, but the company’s computer doesn’t run the sculpt mode with that amount of polygons, so I’m thinking in alternative methods. Maybe exporting the modelings to Zbrush? Would it give me problems when converting the object to a low poly one?

If you know another more suitable method please tell me, I’m quite confused ‘-’
Thank you very much in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my English, is not my native language. If you see some typo please let me know.