From Illustrator to Blender to Unity / Mesh-Problems

Dear Community,

I have a question regarding the use of meshes created by Illustrator and Blender in Unity.

What I wanted to do was to import my Illustrator-SVG into Blender, no problem there. After scaling and converting the imported curve into a mesh, I created a face between the vertexes (which were built by the curve-into-mesh-conversion) and added a usual material.
Sadly, Unity did not want to show my mesh at all. When I tested my mesh in an extruded version, Unity only displayed the extruded faces, but not my main face (the one I wanted to see originally).
I ‘solved’ the problem by triangulating my mesh and by decimating it down to 40% with modifiers. I can see my mesh in Unity now, but I wonder if this isn’t just a hack that will break my legs later. The image below shows the working version.

My plan is to use my vector image to animate a plane 3D-Character. So the character should be flat and not extruded in Unity.

I’d be very happy if someone answered.
Have a nice day,

So the character should be flat and not extruded in Unity.

Mesh without thickness, can you control front / back mesh face display in Unity? Otherwise back face will not be displayed.