"From life of Jakub Wedrowycz, part 1"

Here is my new work inspired by novels about Jakub Wedrowycz - polish exorcist and moonshine maker and drinker :slight_smile:
There are a lot of arealights, no radiosity and AO.


Back to the forum, and lucky: this is a VERY neat work.
If I may one crit one suggestion:
C) I don’t like the table top material (doesn’t mean it’s not realisitic).
S) I’d fill one bottle on the shelf with a liquid off that of the glass. I would put a cork on one or more bottles. I’d put a sticker on one bottle. I’d throw a bible (or a book) maybe on the shelf? I don’t know how exorcist work, but I guess they are good people.

Even if you don’t change anything, it’s great as is (the C&S are for my taste).


That’s amazing, please tell me how you get such nice light.

yes i agree with the post upon the table material

Don’t listen to the post about the table texture; it looks just like loads of tables i’ve seen

awesome work dewd :smiley:

Grzybu, this is an awesome render.
I thought the glassware in particular was excellent.
I’m also very impressed with the lighting in the scene, very nice.

Great job! Where is his anaconda? :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw I love those Pilipuk´s novels too-great inspiration :slight_smile:

WOOW - great JOB grzybu… nothing to add…

PS. can you tell the time of render ?? and is it jayfar or only blender??

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:
It was rendered in Blender internal renderer. There is a lot of arealights. Also caustics is simulated by small arealights. Rendering time on my old P3 1GHz laptop was about 40 minutes in 800x600 with 5xOSA

really nice
i like the lightning and the awesome wall texture.

thx, again nice work