"From life of Jakub Wedrowycz part 2"

Here is my work which wins polish blender contest called “Dinner” on www.blender3d.pl.
I’m not really happy with effect I’ve achieved but, I’m still learning.
and link to bigger 1024x768 version: http://www.grzybu.obywatel.pl/3d/obiadek_20041031.jpg
Modelled and rendered in Blender.

Awesome. I love the mood. How many do you think you’re going to make?

pretty cool. 8) A couple crits though:

  1. the specularity on the bread crust is a little too hight
  2. the label on the bottle looks flat, while the bottle is round
  3. The sausage looks a little too flat on the cut

but all in all, awesome pic :smiley:

I got only one crit for this scene: the onion slice in front of the bottle. It looks like it doesn’t fit in the scene. For some reason it has different kind of lighting than the rest of the objects on the table. It look’s like it was attatched afterwards in the scene.

But othewise the scene looks almost photoreal. Great job.

I think you’ve done a very good job here at exploring textures and materials. Well done.

I especially liked the bottle, bread and mug. It is always possible to improve (depending on what you are trying to achieve) so here’s some comments:

Bread - the shape (and particularly where it is sliced) is too regular and needs to be a little bit less flat / more rough (not a lot though). I really like the texture and color you’ve got here.

Bottle - it’s ever so slightly cloudy - especially round the neck. I don’t know if this was the effect you were trying to get, but I thought the specular color should be a bit sharper - at a guess I’d suggest increasing the hardness a tiny bit.

I really like this. Especially the larger pic where you can see the details better. Congrats on a great picture. My suggestion would be a bit of nor bump on the flat end of the sausage to make it less flat. But very nice composition.

and there’s a lack of shadows I think which might give it that extra ooomph

I really like this. Some superb models, including the one I really like, the onion. The only thing that doesn’t look real to me is the cut part of the sausage.

Looks good for just blender internal. The sausage looks like its in pain though.

I think that Blender Internal is a great renderer and has the potential to look even better.

Maybe a little less light with more shadow would help. The new “onlyshadow” with ambient occlusion feature looks really really really really good, and AO would look nice (dunno did you already use it?). The spec on the bottle is weird. I think it is too soft and the reflection is a bit high for my tastes. If you want to leave Blender Internal, maybe try some photon spots for caustics. They are alot of fun.

My last thing is that the table texture looks cheap without bump. It really needs some normal mapping. Actually, everything could use some good normal mapping. Even a little on the bottle. I think that the bread looks really really good, except that the bubbles look flat.

This crits were for if you are aiming for photorealism, but I dunno if thats what you want. Nice job, and nice texture maps (did you use orco mapping on the bread?)

Awesome work! Very close to photorealism!!!

Cool stuff. The bread is absolutely perfect, so is the mug. The bottle is less good, and the tabletexture could be a bit more high-res.

all in all, beautifull picture as always


I like this a lot. Only crit would be that the kilbasa needs some light colored speckles showing on the end.

Close to a photo. Great work.
The bottle is less good as Goofster said, because it looks non-refractive and the highlight is too broad. That way it looks more like plastic than glass.

grzybu: My wife wants me to print out a copy to place on her kitchen wall. Will you allow this?

No problem if 1024x768 is enough for you. I don’t have bigger version yet.

Dobze, Pan!