"From life of Jakub Wedrowycz, part 3" Update

Third work inspired by Jakub Wedrowycz.
Modelled in blender. Texturing in gimp.
Rendered in yafray and blender internal.

Here are links to previous parts:
Part 2. https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33329
Part 1. https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30825

my favorite part is the random sausage hangin’ on a hook on the wall. PRICELESS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I understand how frustrating it can be when you spend so long on a piece, thinking about it, modeling it, texturing it, lighting it, etc, and then the only comment you got was about some little detail. lol.

Okay, i think most of the modeling is pretty good. since you’re going for details, i think nails in all of the wooden parts would have been an easy detail to add. I like the basket in the background because it has a good amount of variation in the weave. so judos on that :). The gun is also well done, but seems a bit “fat” to be realistic. And of course the main element is your man…well it’s not bad on the whole, but the hat could have been a little better. It should have been a bit more snug on his head. the hands could have used work too. but you’re biggest issue was poor rigging. his legs have a very unnatural bend to them at the calves/shins and his right hand is just also very weirdly posed, as though he can’t move his fingers and their is too much space in between each finger.

Personally, my favorite thing about the render is the good texturing. it’s very nice! you did a great job on detailed, non-repeating, and dirty textures. Although the bottle by his feet probably should have had a label on it or something.

Lighting/setting. I like it, but it’s a bit strange because firstly, the red light coming from the camera’s direction, but it sort of destroys the atmosphere from the cool midnight moonlight coming through. Secondly, The environment could have benefitted alot from just having more junk around. Things seem to be to organized partly because there’s just not much of it. I would have expected more litter/hay in the afrea where the floor meets the wall. Also, if he has to enter through the roof, is he underground right now? would they have been able perfectly place the boards like that?

Also i wanted to mention that the little bit of blur ont he clove of garlic is goo looking blur, it’s out of place because it’s the only spot on the whole image with any blur, and it’s a small spot at that. There appears to be no focal point if you know what i’m talking about.

Sorry for the harsh critic, but i thought you deserved some good analysis after all the time you must have spent on it. At least that’s what i always hope for when i post projects…

Btw, ti gavereesh pa russki? ya tojhi. :slight_smile: Ktojhi etit chuvak? ti evo som predumal?

If that didn’t make any sense, nevermind :smiley:

I had a look at the other two parts and this one doest seem to be keeping up to the standard- the scene looks less real than the other two- I think its the textures, or the lighting or both
Although I wouldnt say that the man is a bad model he looks a bit stiff, and again doesnt quite go with the two previous images - quality wise

dont mean to be overly negative- I like the other two and this one, but I think you could do better :smiley:


PS i think the first one is the best actually- very ncie lighting and textures
pps lol jsut looked again- the gumboot int he corner is shiny too -(first one) briliant!!

Thank for comments.
I know it’ not good work.
There is new version in first post of the topic.
Here is link to older version:

This is really really good work.

The new version even better.

This is amazing! really good. You have lots of talent.

…try with “Matrix” epizode ;). Nice work as always.