"From life of Jakub Wedrowycz"

Here is my new work in progress inspired by novels about Jakub Wedrowycz - exorcist and moonshine maker and drinker :wink:

Modelling and rendering in Blender. There are only area lights + one spot with halo.
No photons were hurted while rendering this picture :slight_smile:

That’s what I call a homely kitchen ;). He seems to take his hobby seriously, because most of the vessels are empty :D.

Looks very good - great mood!

Crits: I think the table top wood texture needs work, it does not fit to the rest of the table. And the wall looks strangely rounded in the corner, I think it’s too much.

Wow, that is excellent. I agree with thoro though, I think it is that line of light alone the edge of the wall that makes it appear a bit rounded, and the table wood texture does seem slightly off. But I can’t tell to well, any chance of a larger render? :slight_smile:

Here is bigger version:

i really like the ambience and lighting on this grzybu, the only thing that looks out of place is the boots they look too clean or something but thats just my opinion,but over all it kicks butt. :smiley:

The knife seems very well balanced on its tip! You need to stick the knife further into the table and model a crack around the area where the knife is stuck in the wood.

This boots are made from rubber :wink: Thats why they are so shine.

The table is too dirty for how clean the chairs are.
And I think the rubber boots are too clean. They need to have some dust on them or something.

Also, the texture of the table is fine to a point, but that cloud or marble texture you’ve got going looks a bit odd and partcularly on the side. It’s like the table is made out of marble-wood or something.

I absolutely love the floor and the walls however, and that little crucifix is perfectly placed in the scene I think.

The chairs when separated from my view of the table are also great.

I also really like the lighting and composition of this piece as well.


Looks really good. With regards to the table, I’ve never seen wood that looked that white.

grzybu, congrats on this fine picture. Great composition, my eye just kept going around the picture looking for more details. And detail there is. I agree on the boots, they just don’t seem right for an exorcist, I would expect leather boots, not shine santa boots.

I love the wood texture. It’s great, I’ve seen wood that looks like this alright. I like the bottle on the floor behind the table most :wink:


You’ve odviously not sat at a pub bench