From main scene to overlay?

The title’s a little confusing, but I can’t think of another way to put it.
I want collected items such as money to transport themselves to the spot on the overlay where their total is displayed. For example, when you grab a coin, the coin disappears and a coin on the overlay travels from the point of collection to the point where the money total is.
Now, the money moving would be no problem for me. The question is, how do I find out where on the screen an object is, and then add an object in the overlay at that point?

Sure, it’s confusing, so I’ll answer :slight_smile:
You can enable “names” for objects, no matter how you zoom, the name
it’s always visible
Or use the outliner window, click over the desired object/name, it’ll be
selected, and them in the 3D window press NumPad . (point)
In the main scene select the desired object and make a copy/link to the
overlay scene. In the overlay scene now you have the precise position of
the object.
You can make it “local” or place an empty in the same place ( to add object later) and delete it…

I think you misunderstood what I’m trying to do. You told me how to move objects between scenes. I want an object to be removed, then an identical object is added in another scene so it visually coincides with where the original was (all this during gameplay).

Clear as crystal water
You don’t have to move objects between scenes
The “link” thing it’s just to have the precise location in the overlay scene
Select the desired object in the main scene
Cursor to selected
Add an empty
Link it to the Overlay scene
In the Overlay scene Add to the empty an ADD OBJECT ACTUATOR
Add messages Sensors and Actuators to trigger all this
Just an idea, not tested, it’s up to you to try it

Are you sure you even need another scene to do what you want to? Maybe there is some other, simpler way to do whatever it is you are trying to do here.

Your question is a little ambiguous, so it’s hard to guess the game mechanic that you are going for here.

Do you have a screenshot/drawing of what is supposed to happen? Was there a game before that implemented the system you are trying to make here?

I need some reference to figure out what your trying to do exactly, then from that, we can deduce if the method you are describing here is really the best way to go about it.

Try watching some gameplay videos of LEGO Star Wars and its sequel, and watch the studs move across the screen as they’re collected. That’s the effect I want.

Do you happen to have a YouTube link? (never really played the whole star wars thing)

I’m not sure how to do anything that I’m about to suggest, but I think it can all be done. First set up a touch sensor for the coin, When the coin is touched set up an ipo that makes it transparent, and a move to location script. The location that you want will be an empty that you place. The empty should be located right where you want the coin to go. So using the overlay from the camera view place it were it needs to be. Attach a script that will use the coordinates of the empty as the location to move the coin.

Basic layout. Touch coin makes coin transparent and runs move script. Move script moves semi transparent coin to empty. You’ll need t come up with your own method of making the coin completely disappear when reaching the empty.