From Pencils to Pixels

Here’s something of interest

What a fantastic watch dude. The hand drawn animation of the ship sinking at around 12 minutes is one of the most striking things I have ever seen. And I’ve always wondered about the history of animation. This wrapped it up into a very enjoyable 50 minutes of viewing. Excellent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for linking this.

Thank You! Never seen this before. I’ve heard all of these bits and pieces, but this documentary really puts them all together for me. Must watch.

Great find! Nice one!

That was a great video. Thanks for alerting us to it!

quite amazing. Still to watch it all.

Perhaps they should also include this 30.000 years old animation:


Ha! They forgot that one! Thanks namekuseijin

Nice find, thanks.

It’s been a pleasure to watch, thanks for the link.